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 Lots of things have happened in the last few years, from exhibiting to founding Digswell Ceramics Community. I have continued to tutor in various places and I am now about to leave my studio at Digswell. Something is in the offing but I don't want to let my dreaming get carried away until all the plans are finalised but Digswell Community Ceramics continues and grows from strength to strength with an exhibition in May 2017 started off with a raku firing with the lovely Pat Joyce. Can't wait.

In the packing up of boxes and the labelling of things, I am recording and remembering, trying to go slowly and give thanks; I have been so lucky.



Forgive the web site, it is in the process of  shedding it's skin and being born again.. Digswell Arts Trust is making The Fenners building a centre for ceramics which is fantastic news. We at Fenners have received funding for the Letchworth Festival so look out for a new exhibition, classes and drop in workshops and I have just started work with The Funky Pie Company so there is lots happening.. and it is all good!


14th August 2010


Tatton Flower show asked me to exhibit my sculptures as part of Art in the Garden which is a really huge event similar to the Chelsea Flower Show. The gardens and surrounding areas are really beautiful and the show coincided with a Contemporary Art Biennial held both in the gardens and the mansion house. The biggest impressions were of the piece made from game bird feathers entering and exiting the mansion house oven and the rose garden house. A motley collection of scarecrows looked like they should have been part of the exhibition and a fossilisation machine had a group of us intrigued for ages until a very knowledgable gardener came along and explained everything to us.


I was not selling my work but all of my cards were taken and my sculptures obviously intrigued people as they were photographed every few minutes. Not selling gave me the opportunity to explore the show, with its back to back gardens being especially interesting, along with an installation piece exploring ritual, involving music, movement and sculpture.


To walk around all the water and woods among the deer felt like a holiday and went in the image gallery of my mind to be added to all the other places that inspire my work. I hope I will get asked to do the show again next year. I already have a garden designer and a blacksmith interested in collaborating with me which will be very exciting.





September 7th 2009

I have just installed a sculpture commissioned by the Maltings Art Theatre in St Albans, which has had a complet refurbishment over the summer months. It also has a few new staff members and it is radiating a really positive and exciting vibe. I checked out my class register while I was there and I am so pleased to see lots of my students names back again for this term, can't wait to see them and start the classes again.

Over the summer I exhibited at Willian Nurseries, which is a beautiful place, and got ready for Open Studios at Artshed which starts on the 12th September.

Photos to follow of the Dyspraxia group myself and Polly at Courtyard worked with during the school holidays, they were amazing, and so was Polly. So kind and calm. I also had to teach the tutors one day, which was scary to think about but actually great fun on the day. My thank you present from Julie was a jar of honey from her own bees and some beeswax to polish my smoke fired pieces. I am demonstrating this at Artshed during September as part of open studios.

Talking of studios..  I go on Saturday to look at a bigger studio, It is much bigger than mine at the moment, and with other artists around which I think will be really great.


 June 25th 2009

Tomorrow I am at Roestock Park in Colney Heath as one of the resident artists for Larks in the Parks, set up by Leisure Connections with the local authority. There will be a huge robot made from recycled materials and I will be adding the surrounding scenery. I hope to make a sea of flowers from my recycled materials but I expect the children participating with have their own ideas! I just hope it is dry and that I get lots of young people joining in.

June 8th 2009

I am now an Arts Adviser who can work with young people to achieve a Bronze or Silver Arts Award. i am doing this at Artshed in Ware, Courtyard in Hertford and The Maltings in St Albans.

The Craft and Design Experience was a really great week end despite the awful weather and although I was a very damp camper I met some great people who were very supportive of me as a first timer. I hope to meet up with them all next year. When I saw the standard of the work there, I felt honoured to have been asked to take part.

The lesson plans have been done for the Maltings, and  now that I am an Arts Adviser, a programme has been sorted out for the summer holidays at Artshed,


check out the Arts Award website.


I am now very happy to be back to hermit mode in my shed, working on new ideas. I hope to take some photos of some of the new pieces at the week end and put them up on the site. I have lots of teaching going on at Artshed and Courtyard Arts in Hertford over the summer and then it is open studios and new classes starting in September,so it is really good to take some time off to make.

I also have found out that I will probably qualify for funding towards training from Beyond 2010, so I am booking a throwing course in October, they are keen to help with all creative businesses.. e mail

Below is a photo of George Woodcraft, the mayor and all three of the artists, if I look shiny it is because I have just done my speech, which is not something I am used to doing.





April 30th 2009

The exhibition at the Maynard Galleries is coming to an end, they have been so supportive. It can be quite a task setting up exhibitions, finding the right set up and organising a private view with a mailshot, but Maynard Gallery have done everything they possibly can to manage it all for me. They met me on a Sunday to set up so that I did not miss work, they sent out all the measurements before hand so that I could plan, and even though they told me I had to make a speech, it was during a great private view evening that was organised and run by them. I met some great people and really enjoyed the evening. I am there with three other artists until May the 9th.

I have also been working during Easter at the Courtyard Gallery in Hertford. The Gallery had a mardi gras theme for the week and there were lots of young artists getting very creative.

what is next...


I then move half my work to the Sir Harold Hillier gardens who have selected my work to appear as part of a sculpture trail until October. The gardens look amazing and I am really looking forward to being there.

The other half are going to the Craft and Design Experience at Henley on Thames. It is a whole three days of events including music and access to the food festival near by. I am camping out so hopefully no rain will spoil the week end. I am busy making sure that everything I need to bring is weather proof just in case. I have decided to glaze one of my porcelain pieces and so consequently I have been in the studio testing out possible combinations. I am also making a new piece in red paper clay.






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