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                                            Mural for MIND in Hertford


 Community Artist


What does that mean?

I work with any group or individual that would like to work with an artist on a project. Sometimes I am given a group and a theme, either from the curriculum or to compliment and idea the group have been working on but at other times it is a process of learning about the group or person and finding out what I can give them, It can be very free with information such as 'turn up, set up in a field, do some art' or specific such as 'we are having a discussion group about belonging, can you design a project that the young people will feel they can communicate some of their feelings through'.


Who do I work for?

All the above groups, local authorities, small social groups, individuals, anyone who feels that they want to do something creative and I can help them.


The way I do things..

 I look at everything I do as a one off workshop, even if it is a long term project, everyone is an individual on their own journey. Art is important and people who are creative often feel as if their skills are not important but I can't imagine a world anyone would want to live in without the arts... great buildings, great shoes, a poem or play that keeps you thinking all week, that car that has everyone drooling  and that picture that somehow reaches into a place without words to make you cry. That book that makes life make sense and that beautiful sculpture that makes a journey up a hill  worth the climb.

I try to make learning the technical side fun, stimulating and interesting and give each person the room to find their own way. I know that there is a risk of failure in making something, but I think it is worth trying and that the only person who can judge if something is good is the person who created it.

I can follow HAFLS (Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning) guidelines. I have a certificate in PTTLS (preparing to teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector)

For the last five years I have worked with various local groups including looked after children as well as through Leisure Connection on several different projects including making kites with vulnerable adults, Larks in the Parks, Artist for the Saint Albans Festival and the Big Draw.

I also work through Courtyard Arts in Hertford as an outreach tutor. Courtyard is a registered charity working with different local community groups, such as Vale House addiction rehabilitation centre, MIND and the Dyspraxia Group.

Schools and Colleges sometimes hire me directly to work on a project for a day or longer but I also work in schools through HAFLS, Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Service.

Other Community Groups

Local groups including Paradise Wildlife Park, parents who home school, looked after children, primary and secondary schools also ask me to run projects either as artist for the day or for the term.

I covered PPA time at Springmead School from September to December last term, here is what the teacher said about me….


To whom it may concern.


Re: Debbie Bent


Debbie worked at Springmead Primary School from September 2011 - December 2011 for PPA cover on a weekly basis.  Debbie taught art to two Year 1 classes of 30 children each.


Debbie planned and delivered a sequence of art lessons in line with the requirements of the curriculum for Year 1.  All of the activities were pitched at the correct level and the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part.  They were given lots of opportunities to mix colours and create different pictures according to texture and feeling.  Debbie also introduced clay to the children and they produced a 3D clay portrait of themselves.


Debbie worked alongside both class teachers to assess the children at the end of the term using the school's own assessment procedures.


I found Debbie to be friendly, calm and patient.  She was very approachable and the children responded well to her.  She confidently communicated with all the children and the adults in the classroom.  She worked well in a team.  Debbie was always well prepared and the resources were always ready for each lesson.



Sharon Church

Year 1 Class Teacher, Springmead School


 Can I help you?

 Why not email me your ideas or your vague thoughts even and we can take it from there.