The latest news about exhibitions, workshops and projects.



 Saint Albans Sculpture Trail

 Image from 'Found' exhibited in the river for Saint Albans Sculpture trail on Sunday the 15th of September now back on permanent display at Courtyard Arts. He did look lovely in the river and as a viewer said ' he looked liked that is where he lived, I expected him to move to hide in the rushes at any time'

 Hatfield University

 I started Saturday morning classes at Hatfield University, a very talented and warm group made me feel very welcome and I really enjoyed the class. I look forward to watching them grow. I graduated from there so I loved being back and being reminded of the time spent there.

Open Studios 

 Open studios had over 300 people coming to visit over two week ends, the local community in Letchworth are very supportive of us and Letchworth itself has a very creative community. It was great to catch up with everyone who came. Thank you for making the effort everyone, I do hope it was worth the trip, if only for the free cake! 

Classes with spaces available 

Courtyard's evening ceramic classes are all full but there is an opportunity to join me in my studio in Letchworth for a new class starting on Tuesdays at 10am. There are also a few places at Sele School on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

Other news

I am working with Oasis special needs adults on Mondays for six weeks. We are going to do a mural, make pots for Christmas and just spend some time using our imagination with the clay. The team at Oasis are inspiring and nurturing and set very high standards for their learners so I have to make sure I don't let them down.

There is also an arts award project starting with Wheatcroft School and Hertford Museum all about Alfred Wallace, a project of casting with visually impaired artists and The Big Draw at the Letchworth Studios..

I also have some big ideas for Standalone Farm in Letchworth and they are very keen to work with the Digswell Artists so we will see where that goes.